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Window Cleaning in Nashville Tennessee

I am often asked how I got into the window cleaning business, but like so many things in life a simple question is often not easy to answer. My wife, Wendy, and I met at Covenant College and married after we completed our studies. We then moved to Nashville in 1997 after our first year of marriage. After settling in Nashville I spent the majority of my career in hospitality at a variety of hotels. My last decade in hospitality I spent at Gaylord Opryland Resort, first as a vendor overseeing the valet operations and then working for Opryland in a variety of roles with a focus on the arrival and departure experience. As much as I enjoyed the work and the team around me the work life balance was not conducive to being a great husband and father.

In 2016 I was working on a physically challenging project in my yard and when I completed the work I felt a sincere, simple, perfect satisfaction with a job well done. For all my years in the hotel business it never felt like you ever completed anything. Every guest issue you resolved another one popped up with many issues that were completely out of my control. The doors never closed at Opryland and even the holidays were taken up with work. As I was standing there, like an epiphany, I thought about a college friend of mine that had a successful window cleaning business and called him the very next day. Window cleaning seemed to answer the question of what I loved about work. I loved working with and helping people and doing great work on a job that you can finish, step back and know that it is done and it is good. Would it be possible to start a window cleaning business in Nashville?

The next six months I spent time researching the market and saw that there was plenty of opportunity for a new window cleaning company. After spending time getting advice from different business owners I know, they all encouraged me to start the business and encouraged me that there really was plenty of business for everyone. That Nashville is a growing city and that If you are going to start a business you need to do the best work possible and just go do it. We now have window cleaning clients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Arrington, Belle-Mede, Columbia, Spring Hill and Nolensville.

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Bill Antonyan

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